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Parochial Administrator Welcomes You

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Feel at Home

It is with great joy I, Fr. Clifford Castelino, Parochial Administrator of the Church of St. Anthony, Siolim welcome you all my dear parishioners; residing in Siolim and around the globe. I also extend our invitation to all other Christ faithful and people of goodwill to join us on the E-platform to share your valuable ideas and offer your loving fraternal support to each other.

It was Lt. Fr. Raul Colaco, who gave the ‘go signal’ to the proposal of redeveloping a website for the Church of St. Anthony, Siolim. His illness did not dampen the spirit of seeing the website on the cyber world.  However, he did not get much time to experience the ease of communication and get connected to people around the globe at a click of a button. May his Soul rest in peace.

The proverb “Many hands make light work”, can be well applied while reflecting on the development and maintaining of the church website. It was the enthusiasm and a well thought plan of Ellison Fernandes to have a parish web page, a step ahead from parish facebook page. He was ably supported by Eleuterio Fernandes, a young lad of our parish with his web designing skills. The mind capturing design of the website would remain incomplete if Late Mr. Sebastian Lazaro Florentino D’Cruz’s writings on Siolim were not available. Many authors consider his work on Siolim village as authentic.

Now having a reasonably informative web page and the facility to keep in touch and share ideas, I appeal to you all my dear readers to promote our web page. It may help someone to send a prayer request through the intercession of St. Anthony. We appreciate constructive criticism and await appreciation.

Be Blessed

Fr. Clifford Castelino

Parochial Administrator of St. Anthony Church Siolim

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