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St. Anthony's Church Ground 


The church ground inaugurated on 1 st January, 1967, is near the church and it is a church property.

There were no play grounds in Siolim. All the Festival Football Matches and also the Football Tournaments were played in the paddy field of KER at Kerant, Bamonvaddo – Dongor mag.

In 1966 when Rev. Fr. Adrian D’souza from Moira was the Vicar of Siolim Church, some youth of Siloim went to him and asked for his permission to level the paddy field “PADRIVIGARACHEM BHATLEM” for a playground and he granted it. The ground was levelled and the border of the lower part was built by public subscription and donation which cost Rs. 2500.

For the maintenance of the ground there was a committee which was cultivating the lower part of the field and was paying two khandis (Quintals) of paddy to the Vicar as a rent of the ground and the field.

The permission to use the ground had to be sort from the Vicar. The Vicar would give first preference to the maintenance committee over others while granting permission to use the ground for sports activities.

The playground is one of the church properties. The parish youth can make use of it for sports activities accept during religious service in the Church.

In 1982 when Rev. Fr. Adolfo C. Viegas took charge as the Vicar of the Anthony’s Church Siolim, maintenance  committee was dissolved and from then on, the Fabrica Committee took charge of the church ground. Anyone
who wants to book the ground should contact the office of St. Anthony Church-Siolim, in advance.

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