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It gives me immense joy to join you as your pastor leading this renowned Parish of St. Anthony, Siolim, along with my close collaborators, to greater spiritual heights. Hence, I greet all of you with fraternal love! In our times the immense gift that the Creator has bestowed upon us is none other than the privilege of communicating to one another at the pace of the “speed of light.” Within no seconds we are connected to each other in any remote part of the world and remain updated of all the news and happenings on account of the internet facilities. That is why the entire universe has been reduced to a “global village” and everyone experiences the closest of proximity when communicating with others who are miles and miles away from us. In this most challenging period of Covid-19 when the entire world is literally shut down, the internet facility is offering millions and millions of websites to people so that people can be connected and remain virtually interwoven in the web. In these difficult times, our parish website, I pray, will connect all of us to interact and remain abreast with all the happenings and at the same time boost our morale and remain virtually linked to our brothers and sisters building ourselves as one community of one heart and one mind spiritually progressing under the patronage of our miracle worker, St. Anthony.

Wishing you a happy link

Fr. Socorro Rosario Antonio Mendes

Parish Priest of St. Anthony Church Siolim

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