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Our Profound Gratitude

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The Late Mr. Sebastian Lazaro Florentino D’Cruz once wrote in one of his books, “ Just as all Goenkars have a taste for their rice and curry so also all Catholics love their village church. But my love to my church trancends far beyond this saying.” Following in the footsteps of his ancestors who had been working in our Siolim Church as Sacristians, he too dedicated 10 years of service as a Sacristian from 1945 to 1955.

During the course of his life, the Late Mr. Sebastian D’Cruz popularly known as the Chronicler of Siolim published a total of 10 books, 2 in Konkani and 8 in English. The book that was always a source of inspiration for him was a Portuguese book written by Professor Antonio de Ataide Lobo titled “A Freguesia de Siolim”. A talented multi-instrumentalist, the Late Mr. Sebastian D’Cruz learnt to play the trumpet from his father but he learnt the Banjo, Accordian, Violin, Organ and the Drums all by himself. Apart from religious affairs, Mr. Sebastian D’Cruz was always an active member of the political and social affairs of the village of Siolim. In the year 1988, he was elected as a member of the Panchayat for the Marna ward. He took care of the Football Club House of Siolim for 20 years and was also known as ‘Club Uncle’.

The Late Mr. Sebastian D’Cruz was a man of great respect, commitment and integrity. He wanted to pass on the history of Siolim, its customs and traditions to the future generations. He has excellently preserved the rich history of siolim and especially that of our St. Anthony’s Church. Most of the information about the history of St. Anthony’s Church Siolim on the official website has been procurred from the many books of the Late Mr. Sebastian D’Cruz. We are extremely grateful for all the knowledge that he has passed on to us. May his soul rest in peace.

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