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In front of the church there is a big cross. It does belong to the church but it belongs to the D’Sa Family of Vaddi, and it was built in 1864 in memory of Rev. Antonio Jose D’sa and there is a marble slab fixed in the middle of this Cross with inscription in Portuguese.


The Church Cross is made of black stone which is down to the other side of the road. On the right side of the Church is a grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes built on 11 th February, 1952 and offered by Mr. Pascoal J.C. Rodriguese from Vaddi Aframent and Mr. Joaquim M. Fernandes from Bancar Vaddo. There is a marble slab on the right side of the Grotto.

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On the left side corner of the steps there is pulpit built of cement concrete on 31st December, 1972 and offered by Mr. Antonio Pascoal Fernandes and Family from Marna.

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In the centre of the compound (Adro) there is a band – stand which was built on 20th September, 1948 and offered by Mr. Baptista de Souza (Sottekar) from Vaddi Querem, when he celebrated all the feast of the church that year.


On the left side of the church near the road which goes to Marna there is a small hall. It was a Parochial School, built in 1907. In that school Konkani was being taught to read and write and music (to sing in notes and play the violin). Before learning Portuguese or English all the boys used to go to this school. Every village had a parochial school.

The famous music teacher of this Siolim parochial school was the Choirmaster of the Church Mr. Zeferino D’cruz “Band –Master” from Marna. Many boys from Siolim and also from other villages learnt music from him.

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On the left side of the church on the outside wall there is a fixed black stone slab on which is engraved the Hostensorio with Angels on both the sides and an inscription in Portuguese written in the year 1660.

Near the Slab, there is a cross craved on a ordinary stone for the Blessing of the foundation stone of this church.

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