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The chapel of St. Sebastian is situated at Modlo – Vaddo, Marna and Serves three wards, namely Voilo Vaddo, Modlo Vaddo and Chaudi – Vaddo. It caters for 70 families and the population is growing.

  This chapel was built by the people of the three wards in the property of Prabhu famiy. At first mass was celebrated only on Sundays by Rev. Fr. Thomas Lobo who hailed from St. Estevao  and was appointed chaplain of St. Francis Xavier’s chapel of Camurlim. At his instance the residential house was built through contributions of the people and help of Mr. Fabian D’souza of Prabhu family. Mr. Fabian D’souza subsequently donated his residential house and property to the Holy Cross Sisters who have established there the Corso Farm – and “ Childrens Happy Home”.

 The first resident chaplain was Rev. Fr. Philip M. D’Souza from Badem, who took charge on 8th December, 1937 and served till 1952 (15 years). He effected improvements to the chapel by cementing the residential house, constructing a well and erecting the front compound wall and steps. This chapel was built by the provision of 10-3-1871 issued by Amorim Pessoa.

  Feast is celebrated on the Sunday after 20th January.

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