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In Siolim there is another church and it is situated in Tropa. Originally a Chapel it was dedicated to Nossa Sra. De Consolaco dos perseguidos (Our Lady of Consolation of the persecuted) and was part of the parish of Sioim – Marna.

The construction of this chapel was authorized through a dispatch dated 8- 5-1762 at the request of Fr. Ventura Fernandes from Palchovaddo.

The Chapel was blessed in virtue of the dispatch issued on 17-6-1762. It was rebuilt on 26th May, 1912 by Rev. Fr. Roque P.L. Fernandes from Parra.

In has a cemetery blessed on 14-5-1950 y Patriarch D. Jose da Costa Nunes, when the Chaplain was Rev. Fr. Cupertino  Pereira from Tilamola, Quepem.

The Chapel was elevated to the rank of a parish on 30 th October 1971, when the Chaplain was Rev. Fr. Nuno da Cruz from Chandor, who became its First Vicar. Its Platinum Jubilee was celebrated in 1987.

The locality came to be known as “Tropa” which in Portuguese means “Troops” because at that time the Portuguese Government had stationed there troops or military force to guard the frontiers. That time Pernem was not a territory of Goa.

The annual feast is celebrated on the 2 nd Sunday of May.

Renovated Paroquial House and a New Hall was inaugurated on 26 th January, 2007 by Rev. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues, Vicar of Tropa Parish.



Our Lady of the Sea Church, Oxel, Goa is called ‘Nossa Senhora do Mar em Oxel, Goa’ in Portuguese. Our Lady of the Sea Church, Oxel, Goa is popularly called ‘The Oxel Church’ locally in Goa. The Oxel Chapel was first a part of the matriz parish of Nagoa and later of the Siolim – Marna Franciscan rectorate. The Our Lady of the Sea church, Oxel was built in 1661, although the parish was elevated at least a few years before. The present Our Lady of the Sea Church, Oxel, Goa building was constructed in 1899. The Our Lady of the Sea Church at Oxel, Goa is built at a picturesque location over looking the valley and the Arabian sea beyond.

The Number of Catholics in the Parish of Our Lady of the Sea Church at Oxel, Goa is 480.

The Feast of Our Lady of the Sea Church at Oxel, Goa is Celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May every year.

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