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The chapel of Nossa Sra. de Piedade (Our Lady of Piety) of Vaddy dates back to (XVII) seventeenth century.

Originally there was only a cross built by the merchants and traders of cows and buffaloes.

When the population increased and with the donations collected through the cross, they built on the same spot a little chapel consecrated to Our Lady of Piety.

 In 1897 the chapel was enlarged and looking imposing.The statue which is venerated in the chapel existed before the cross, and it belonged to the house of Fr. Jose Vicent de Souza and M. Jose Joao de Souza (Morgado) of Vaddy.

The Mass is during the Novenas and the Feast Day in the month of October.

Old people from Siolim say that during the construction of the new church, which lasted five years, the Blessed Sacrament from the church was transferred to the chapel of Our Lady of Piety, Vaddi , and also all the church ceremonies and religious acts (Feast , Baptisms , Weddings , Funerals, etc.) were celebrated in this chapel of Vaddi . 

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